Motive Tech Bulletin-1 Summit Series II

EZGO RXV DC Cordset Installation and System Profile
Configuration for Summit II 29700 and 30600 and Chargers

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Step 1

Remove the black cover to expose the terminal block on the Summit II Charger and make the DC Cordset wiring connections as indicated in the block diagram. Then Plug the DC Cord into the cart to power up the charger for programming (Do Not Plug in the AC Cord).

Step 2

Enable the Bluetooth® wireless option on your smart device and launch the ChargerConnect™ App. Select your charger from the drop down list (default name will be the serial number of your charger) and select it to establish communication with your charger.

Step 3

Allow the Dashboard to populate with real time data from your charger, then touch the 3 bars in the upper right hand corner to display the drop down menu.

Step 4

In the drop down menu, select "System Profile".

Step 5

In the "Charger System Profile" screen, select "Cloud Profiles" in the bottom right corner.

Step 6

From "Cloud System Profiles" find "21230" (or model appropriate profile #) and press the "?" to verify the system profile parameters. Press the green arrow key to download the profile to your smart device.

Step 7

Press the "Device Profiles" selection to view the available system profiles on your device. Press the green up arrow key to load the "21230" profile to your charger.

Step 8

The “Storing system control profile” message will display for a few seconds, and the correct system profile for your EXGO RXV Cart will be installed.

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