Motive Tech Bulletin-4 Summit Series II

24VDC Single Voltage Configuration for Summit Series II 30400 Chargers

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Multi-volt Summit II Battery Chargers can be converted to single voltage chargers if end users do not require multi-volt operation. This document lists the programming step required for single-voltage operation in 24 VDC applications.

Step 1

Enable the Bluetooth® wireless option on your smart device and launch the ChargerConnect™ App. Select your charger from the drop down list (default name will be the serial number of your charger) and select it to establish communication with your charger.

Step 2

Allow the Dashboard to populate with real time data from your charger, observe the battery profile number listed on the display, the default profile number will be 22001. The battery profile must be changed to 22251 for 36 VDC single voltage operation.

Step 3

Press the 3 lines in the upper left hand corner to view the drop down menu and select “Battery Profile”.

Step 4

Allow the Dashboard to populate with real time data from your charger and press the “Cloud Profiles” selection on the bottom of the display.

Step 5

Find Battery Profile 22301 and press the green arrow key to the right to upload the profile to your device.

Step 6

Press the “Device Profiles” selection from the bottom of the display, then touch the arrow key next to profile 22051 to upload it to your charger.

Step 7

The APP will the request additional information for the system profile setting, if your vehicle is a EZGO RXV Cart with a triangle DC Plug select “yes” if not select “no”.

Step 8

The APP will then ask for storage slot number for the profile to be transferred to your charger, enter “11”.

Step 9

The APP will then reboot the charger to assign the new battery profile. Once this action is complete, touch the serial number of the charger to re-establish communication.

Step 10

Once the charger is online, verify the proper battery profile is installed.

Step 11

Press the three lines in the upper left hand corner to view this drop down menu, this time go to “System profile”.

Step 12

Find the 36V or 48V Auto Profile and press the down arrow next to the “Scalable “ selection and view the drop down menu.

Step 13

Select “Off” from the menu and press OK.                                                      

Step 14

A “Disable Scalable Profile” warning will appear to acknowledge the change request, select OK to proceed.

Step 15

Press the “Save” button to register the change.                                                              

Step 16

The charger will once again reboot to register the change. The charger will now operate in 24V Mode only.

Step 17

To view operation of the charger, Log back in, the charger should no longer identify a detected battery pack voltage.

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