Lester Equipment Manufacturing Company is founded in Los Angeles, CA after WWII by Louis Lester, originally producing cathodic protection systems for pipelines and adapting their technology for battery chargers.

On April 23, 1963, Lanny Carrier, after leaving Cushman as their purchasing agent, and Don establish Lester Electrical of Nebraska, Inc to produce chargers for Cushman with 4 employees in 3,000 sq ft of leased space. The company's first product is the 36S2T12 charger.

The release of patented DV/DT charge control with the first Lestronic I charger enables batteries to be fully and properly charged without relying on the user, revolutionizing the world of battery charging. DV/DT charge termination is still an industry standard today.

After focusing primarily on motive power applications, the first stationary/reserve power product line is introduced. Known for producing battery chargers that delivery flexibility and unrivaled reliability, Lester Electrical becomes the leader in select industrial stationary markets.

The Lester Electrical quality assurance (QA) system receives ISO 9001 certification.

The patented-pending Progressive DV/DT charge algorithm and the first Summit Series switch mode battery charger are introduced, setting a new standard for charge control, energy efficiency, and switch mode charger reliability.

Lester Electrical is celebrating 50 years of leading the way in the commercial/industrial battery charger and electrical power conversion and storage industry through innovation, quality, and reliability.

In the early 1960s, Don Wilson, who had purchased the company in the early 1950s, begins selling battery chargers to the leading golf car manufacturer at the time, Cushman Motors in Lincoln, NE.

Employing the AC line voltage compensating ferroresonant technology pioneered by Lester Equipment for use in standby products for Minuteman missile silos, the first Lester-MATIC provides the market with a charger that is easier to set up and use, in addition to improved battery charging performance.

The Lestronic II product line is introduced, an iconic design and one of the best selling commercial/industrial battery charger lines of all time.

As a result of a joint development project, Lester Electrical releases a patented charging and battery management system for Club Car for use with their golf cars and utility vehicles. This system introduces a new level of charging percision and sophistication.

Building on its history of designing and manufacturing the leading DC plug/receptacle systems in the golf car and utility vehicle markets, Lester Electrical introduces a new patented plug/receptacle system for Club Car, which is still considered industry leading.