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This page will be used to highlight some of the Service Bulletin topics covered in our Service Tips & Bulletins newsletters. You can view the most recent issue of the newsletter on our Newsletters page under our News section. You can also view past issues and topics in the Archives section.

Current Service Bulletin Topic
Proper Installation of DC Connectors
It is a given that normal wear from extended use of DC connectors can eventually show signs of heat damage resulting from a poor connection with a mating connector. However, over the years we have seen numerous DC connectors with heat damage resulting from improper installation of the connector itself. An improperly installed connector used in a power circuit can easily become a potential source of fire.

Many of the melted and burnt connectors seen on chargers returned for service have been received with both halves of the connection in a melted/burnt "glob". To determine the cause of the heating required X-raying the "glob" to inspect the electrical components of the connectors. The most common cause seen is improperly crimped connections, many times without the required reducing bushings for smaller gauges of wire.

Always make sure these connectors are installed per the manufacturer's installation instructions. Most manufacturers offer crimping tools specially designed for their products to ensure a proper mechanical and electrical connection is made. We also suggest that after properly crimping the contacts, a good solder joint will help ensure a good connection and avoid a potential liability situation. Another alternative, Lester Electrical not only offers replacement DC connectors but also offers complete DC cordsets with the connector installed.

Previous Service Bulletin Topics
New MC3 Electronic Timer Kits
View information on the recently released new generation of electronic timers (shown below) by viewing the March issue of Service Tips & Bulletins located in the Newsletter archives. This new timer kit is a direct replacement for our previous 3-Layer timer assemblies. If you have any questions on this new product, contact our service department at (402) 477-8988 and they would be happy to answer them.

Manuals are available for the new timer kits by selecting the appropriate link below. (Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view these files)

36-Volt Timer Kit
24-Volt Timer Kit



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