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The Lester Electrical technical support department answers calls and emails on a variety of topics in the course of a day. For frequently asked questions, we create knowlegebase documents that are available on this page. If you have an idea for a knowledgebase document that you would like to see written, please email us at Service@LesterElectrical.com.

Product Manuals

Lester Electrical product manuals include important troubleshooting and service information. They are available online using the Documentation Search.

Knowlegebase Documents

  • 24-Volt Timer Kit Instructions (82kb PDF)
  • 36-Volt Timer Kit Instructions (105kb PDF)
  • Blown DC Fuse (43kb PDF)
  • Charger Runs Too Long (35kb PDF)
  • 19300/MC3 Troubleshooting Guide Diode Testing (133kb PDF)
  • Dual Mode 24EL8 Wheelchair Battery Charger Troubleshooting Guide (83kb PDF)
  • Fuse Assembly Replacement Instructions (14kb PDF)
  • Heatsink Replacement Instructions (35kb PDF)
  • Lestronic II Troubleshooting Guide (63kb PDF)
  • Lestronic II with Slide-In Timer Technician Service Guide (271kb PDF)
  • Open Circuit Voltage Transformer Test Procedure (38kb PDF)
  • Portable SCR Regulated Battery Charger Troubleshooting Guide (428kb PDF)
  • Powerwashing (14kb PDF)
  • Transformer Hum (36kb PDF)
  • Knowledgebase Documents

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