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Lester Electrical has been providing the world with reliable battery chargers for over 40 years. One of Lester Electrical's strengths is working with the customer to specify or develop a product that uniquely meets the end user's requirements for performance and quality at a competitive price.

A result of being involved in industry for this long is a full line of chargers to meet just about any AC and DC requirement you may have. Lester Electrical provides chargers for Aerial Work Platforms, Floor Scrubbers, Industrial Vehicles, Motive Power, and Stationary applications.

Lester Electrical battery chargers are available with private branding, custom colors, special features, and with graphics and manuals in multiple languages. Small production runs are also available to meet specific needs. Contact a Lester Electrical sales representative at (402) 477-8988 for solutions to all of your charging needs.

X-Series Industrial Battery Chargers

Advanced, Feature-Rich Chargers

X-Series are advanced SCR industrial battery chargers that offer industry-leading features. They are ideal for use in both specialized applications, such as industrial vehicles, aerial work platforms, and floor care, and general-purpose charging applications.


X-Series Industrial Battery Charger

E-Series Industrial Battery Chargers

Cost-Effective Charging

E-Series are cost-effective SCR industrial battery chargers. They are ideal for use in both specialized applications, such as golf, floor care, industrial vehicles, and aerial work platforms, and general-purpose charging applications.


E-Series Industrial Battery Charger

High Frequency Industrial Battery Chargers

Reliable, Durable High Frequency Design

Lester Electrical High Frequency industrial battery chargers feature an advanced, sealed, compact design that provides industry-leading reliability and durability. They can be used in both on-board and off-board applications, such as material handling, industrial vehicles, and floor care.


High Frequency Industrial Battery Charger

Material Handling Battery Chargers

Three-Phase, Single-Phase, and Single Shift

Our new material handling products continue the Lester Electrical tradition of designing and manufacturing industrial battery chargers of the highest quality and reliability. Command Charge is a single-phase and three-phase SCR product line with industry-leading capabilities. Value Charge is a 120V plug-in, SCR product line ideal for singe-shift and light-duty applications.

Material Handling Model Page

Command Charge Industrial Battery Charger

Ferroresonant Industrial Battery Chargers

Proven Reliability and Durability

Lester Electrical ferroresonant chargers provide proven reliability and durability. For more than 40 years, they have been used in all manner of industrial battery charging applications, including floor care, aerial work platforms, industrial vehicles, and material handling. A selection of automatic and manual timer ferroresonant chargers are available in our price list. This list does not include all of our available products. If you do not see a charger that meets your needs, please contact us.

Lester Electrical Price List

Lestronic II Industrial Battery Charger

Lestronic II Light-Duty Material Handling Battery Chargers
36/48 VDC Battery Tester/Discharger


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