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Lester Electrical is the worldwide leader in industrial battery chargers and one of the industry’s highest-volume manufacturers. We produce Switch Mode (High Frequency), SCR, and Ferroresonant industrial and commercial battery chargers for most applications and markets, including golf, floor care, industrial/utility vehicles, electric vehicles, material handling, aerial work platforms, wheel chairs, and stationary/reserve.

Lester Electrical battery chargers have a tradition of unrivaled quality, reliability, and longevity, even in the most demanding applications and environments. Our chargers also feature precise, innovative, and proven charging and termination algorithms that optimize both daily battery capacity and overall battery life. During and after a sale, Lester Electrical customers enjoy unparalleled service and support.

Lester Electrical specializes in electrical power conversion and storage. In addition to battery chargers, we design and manufacture a variety of electrical power system products, including battery dischargers/testers, power management systems, and battery systems.

We ship products around the world and offer products that are UL, cUL/CSA, CE, and/or CEC approved (among other certifications).

OEM and ODM Supplier

Our engineering and manufacturing expertise and flexibility have made us an OEM and ODM supplier to industry-leading companies in all major electric vehicle/machine markets. Whether you are interested in a private-branded version of one of our standard products, or you need a custom design, Lester Electrical will be able serve your OEM or ODM needs.

Links Series Golf SCR Battery Charger
Summit Series Industrial Switch Mode Battery Charger
X-Series Industrial Battery Charger
Command Charge Industrial Battery Charger
Lestronic II Golf Battery Charger

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